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Riot Grrrl Press was a zine distro started in 1992 by Erika Reinstein and May Summer (a.k.a. May Farnsworth) in Washington, DC during the height of popularity for the Riot Grrrl movement. The distro moved with its founders when they relocated first to Olympia, WA, and then Chicago, IL in the mid-1990s. Riot Grrrl Press carried zines primarily by women or professed "Riot Grrrls". Their method of distribution was to make copies of zines from original flats sent in by the zine writers, then they published catalogs of the various zines the distributed. The last known proprietors of Riot Grrrl Press were the late '90s chapter of Riot Grrrl DC. Although rumors of the distro being restarted circulated in the early '00s, nothing more ever materialized.