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Rückenkälte is a compzine edited by Björn Ganslandt from Aachen, Germany.

Rückenkälte consits art and poetry in equal parts. It denies everything what remind you in reviews and publish more short stories and semi-journalistic essays. The pictures are copyable art from young artists.
The first issue is from December 2007 and this zine is fro free.


#1: Art from: Björn Ganslandt, Karin Hagen, Señorita Putis Mayer, David Shrigley, Carlos Thomas. Poetry from: Björn Ganslandt, Harald Jakobs, Bejamin Lüttgen, Peter Merk, Achim Passen, Alexander Vieß.

#2: Art from: Anís, Mitch Blunt, Corrado Francolini, Kevin Simon Mancera, Lauren Nassef, Kate Wilson. Poetry from: Björn Ganslandt, Marc Mrosk, Eike Ostermann, Achim Passen, Helge Schneider.