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Quimby's Bookstore is an independently owned bookstore that specialises in independently published and small press books, zines and comix. It is located at 1854 W. North Ave, Chicago, IL 60622. The web address is www.quimbys.com and the phone number is 773-342-0910. The philosophy of the store is best summed up by a sign that hangs on the wall at the front of the store. It says: "Specialists in the importation, distribution, and sale of unusual publications , aberrant periodicals, saucy comic booklets and assorted fancies as well as a comprehensive miscellany of the latest independent 'zines' that all the kids have been talking about." Many of the zines that Quimby's sells are sold on consignment. Zinesters and comix artists can find the consignment form on the Quimby's web site. The sister store of Quimby's is Chicago Comics, located at 3244 N Clark, Chicago, IL 60657, www.chicagocomics.com .