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Punk Planet

Punk Planet is a 16,000 print run punk zine, based in Chicago, IL, that focuses most of its energy on looking at punk subculture. In addition to covering music, Punk Planet also covers visual arts and a wide variety of progressive issues -- including media criticism, feminism, and labor issues. The most notable features in Punk Planet are the interviews and the album and zine reviews. The interviews generally run two or three pages, and tend to focus on the motivations of the artist (or organizer, activist, or whoever) being interviewed.


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Notable Issue Topics/Subjects

  • Issue 22 —first issue with full color, cardstock cover
  • Issues 24, 46 and 67: Art & Design 1, 2, and 3 —theme issue
  • Issue 34 —first issue with perfect binding
  • Issue 50 The Chicago Issue —theme issue
  • Issues 55 and 75: The Revenge of Print 1 and 2 —theme issue


The first issue was published in May of 1994 and was created in part as a response to the perception that Maximum Rock and Roll was becoming too elitist.

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Punk Planet Books

As of August 2006, Punk Planet has printed 75 issues of their bi-monthly publication, and in the fall of 2004 launched a book publishing arm, Punk Planet Books, in conjunction with the New York-based small press Akashic Books.

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