Punk Lust

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Punk Lust
Issue 8
Cover Art by John Crawford

Punk Lust is a punk zine by Wilum Pugmire from Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

Wilum Pugmire gives the year 1981 as the date the first issue was released. The fanzine ran until 1996. The zine covered the punk scene in the Pacific Northwest and the bands of the era, such as Solger, Hazel, Godhead Silo, and the Fastbacks. It also included fiction, poetry by Todd Nelson and others, art by David Billman, John Crawford and Allen Koszowski, reviews of records from the label K Records, and letters from young punks such as Mark MacLaughlin (of the bands Limp Richards and Green River) a.k.a. Mark Arm, editor of The Attack.

Wilum Pugmire has stated: “Punk rock gave me the guts to be myself, and for this I shall be eternally grateful.”

As editor of Punk Lust, he was interviewed by the zine Punk Research. Pugmire also published several other zines in the mid-eighties, such as Old Bones, and has contributed to many other small press publications.