Psycho No1 Fan

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Psycho No1 Fan is a zine by Seth Bogard.

The cover of Psycho No1 Fan featured "The Five Trashiest Girls Ever!", icluding Lisa Carver and Janelle Hessig. Articles include: The Bobby Teens, Underwear!, Coomers Explosion and Zit-A-Delic. Artwork by Janelle Hessig is featured.

Seth Bogart had previously released the zine Puberty Strike. At the same time as he published Psycho No1 Fan he was performing as 'Hunx' in the band Gravy Train!!!!. His most recent band is Hunx and his Punx.

Review from Paper, Scissors, Clocks #2 (1999): Stolen cars and switchblades, juvenile delinquents, slacking and macking -fuck yeah! Hilarious interview with a teenage runaway. Cool girl comics and a short piece by Layla Cooper.