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Potlatch was a science fiction fanzine by Joyce Katz.

Published in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A., Potlatch was one of the Brooklyn Insurgent fanzines of the 1970s, along with Focal Point and Rats!.

The first issue appeared in December of 1970. Eight issues were released, the last one in February 1972.

According to Arnie Katz in Vegas Fandom Weekly #59, it was during the run of Potlatch that fan Ted Paul alleged that Joyce Katz was destroying science fiction, and dubbed her "The High Priestess of Brooklyn Fandom". In their counter attack in the pages of Potlatch Terry Carr and Arnie Katz embraced the idea of Joyce as "High Preistess", which seemed to cool down a potential fan feud.

Also in Potlatch was the first appearance of the "Entropy Reprints" columns of Terry Carr, after the success of hus publication of the one-issue-only Entropy, devoted to reprints from older, classic fanzines.

Other contributors included Arnie Katz, Bill Kunkel (Rats!), and Bob Tucker (Le Zombie).

Covers were by Jay Kinney, and illustrations were by Russ Chamberlain, Jay Kinney, Bill Kunkel, and Ned Sonntag.

It was during this period that fan Ted Paul dubbed Joyce "The High Priestess of Brooklyn Fandom" and alleged she was destroying science fiction. In their counter attck in the pages of Potlatch Terry carr and Arnie Katz embraced the idea of Joyce as "high Preistess".