Population Control

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Population Control

Population Control is a free print fanzine. It focuses mainly on the Southeast Missouri music scene south of St. Louis, but doesn't limit itself to music. A fair amount of content and editing is done by Darla Price. The first issue is out and free as ever. Go to the official website (below), and ask for a copy. The cover's a bit off center, and the first page is upside-down ... but it's definitely readable.

The Second issue is being made as I type. It will be full size. Things I witnessed while living in a crappy apartment prompted me to start on issue two. This will have more elements of a perzine than the first issue. It will also be free.


  • Interviews, Reviews, New Music, and Standard Fanzine Things
  • Short Stories, Poetry, Comic Strips, Essays, Blind Ranting and Raving
  • Reviews of Non-musical things like Burger Joints
  • And There's More, oh yes, A Lot More!

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