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(PonyBoy Press Publications)
(PonyBoy Press Publications)
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[http://www.ponyboypress.com/PonyBoy Press]
[http://www.ponyboypress.com/ PonyBoy Press]

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PonyBoy Press is the name for zines and projects made by Krissy Durden

PonyBoy Press started in the Silicon Valley in 1994 with the first issue of a personal zine called Frank, Jasper and Me. FJ&Me had 7 issues through out the 90's, but never reached more than 100 copies for each issue.

PonyBoy Press than started up in Portland Oregon in 2000. Many zines and crafts were created under the name PonyBoy Press, especially during the years of 2001-2005.

PonyBoy Press Publications

  • Frank, Jasper and Me
  • Sister White
  • Diary of my Madman

PonyBoy Press