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Polvo: A new zine by Joseph Delgado out of Mohave Valley, Arizona, is the new name to the previously published zine Extinctions. Polvo continues as mainly an art and poetry zine with a focus on gay chicano cultural trends, some reviews, mail art calls but mostly contains experimental poetry and art. There are no contributors to the zine, as the zine is made solely by Joseph Delgado.

Polvo is a new hybrid poetry, homoerotic, chicano arte literary zine produced in the same vernacular and vein of thought as Extinctions. Polvo's mission is directly influenced by the lack of chicano, poetry, and experimental art zines in the zine world, Polvo's primary mission is to attempt to fill that gap. Unlike Extinctions which was published every month, Polvo is a quarterly zine in hopes of giving the zine wide berth in being able to present highly polished experimental chicano poetry, homoerotic art, as well gathering a host of mail-art calls for the discerning readers pleasure.

(Please do not confuse Polvo with other related zine titles, most notably a art collective known as Polvo out of Chicago, IL that produces or at least produced zines under the title 'Polvo.' It is to be stressed that this Polvo should not and will not be associated with the art collective known as Polvo...as our missions, desires, and aesthetic visions differ and contradict on so many levels. )

Polvo can be obtained by writing in the traditional means to:

Joseph Delgado 2290 Peck Rd Mohave Valley, AZ 86440