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Ploy was a science fiction fanzine by Ron Bennett.

Ploy was published in the UK in the 1950's.

Contributors of writing included Don Allen, John Ashcroft, Mal Ashworth, Eric Bentcliffe, John Berry, Sid Birchby, Bob Bloch, John Brunner, Greg Calkins, Terry Carr (Innuendo), Vince Clarke, Bob Coulson (Yandro), Pete Daniels, Alan Dodd, Paul Enever (Orion), Cliff Gould (Oblique), Don Harley, Bill Harry, Lee Hoffman (Quandry), Dave Jenrette, Terry Jeeves, Keith Joseph, Brian Lewis, Nigel Lindsay, Stuart Mackenzie, Archie Mercer, Ken Potter, Pete Reischer, Peter Rigby, Sandy Sanderson, Laurence Sandfield, Jim Sharman, Jack Smillie, Arthur Thomson (The ATom Anthology), and Dennis Tucker.

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