Please, You Will Sodomize Me?!?

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Cover of Issue 1
Cover of Issue 2
Cover of Issue 3

Please, You Will Sodomize Me?!? is a quarterly fab yet trashy fagrag from Frank Jaffe and Luke Munson, two queers that had a desire to spread their dirty thoughts about art and life to the rest of the world. So in the Summer of 2011 due to boredom of life and reverence of other queer 'zine makers, they decided to give it a try!

Through awesome interviews, features, poetry, prose and orgasmic art/porn the word of PYWSM?!? is spreading.....

At first based in Tallahassee, FL and now operating in South Florida for the time being.


  1. Summer 2011 - Interviews with Gio Black Peter and Koes Staasen, Greg Araki "Nowhere", Poetry/Prose by Luke Munson (1st Edition of 66, 2nd Edition of 50)
  2. Winter 2012 - Interviews with Guillermo Riveros and CL Martin, Queer Fear, Poetry/Prose by Luke Munson, Matt Steele, and Thomas Moore, with additional art by Matt Steele and Koes Staasen (Edition of 125 with a Limited Edition of 25)
  3. Summer 2012 - Interviews with Jeremy Shaw, Joakim Almroth, and Bavo Defurne, New Artist Spotlight: S.B. Fuller, "The Baphomet", Poetry/Prose by Nick Brook. Jesse Hudson, and Luke Munson, Art by Scott Treleaven, CL Martin, Daniel Dominguez, and Matt Steele (Edition of 200 with a Limited Edition of 40)

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