Please, You Will Sodomize Me?!?

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Cover of Issue 1

Please, You Will Sodomize Me?!? is a quarterly fab yet trashy fagrag from Frank Jaffe and Luke Munson, two queers that have a desire to spread their dirty thoughts about art and life to the rest of the world. Through awesome interviews, features, poetry, prose and orgasmic art/porn the word of PYWSM?!? is spreading.....

At first based in Tallahassee, FL and now operating in South Florida for the time being.

Issue 1 - Interviews with Gio Black Peter and Koes Staasen, Greg Araki "Nowhere", Poetry/Prose by Luke Munson

Issue 2 - Interviews with Guillermo Riveros and CL Martin, Queer Fear, Poetry/Prose by Luke Munson, Matt Steele, and Thomas Moore, with additional art by Matt Steele and Koes Staasen

Issue 3 - Interviews with Jeremy Shaw, Joakim Almroth, and Bavo Defurne, New Artist Spotlight: S.B. Fuller, "The Baphomet", Poetry/Prose by Nick Brook. Jesse Hudson, and Luke Munson, Art by Scott Treleaven, CL Martin, Daniel Dominguez, and Matt Steele