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Pink Mini 4
Pink Mini is a mini-zine published in London by Dan Rhatigan. The series is a spin-off from Pink Mince zine, and is made to showcase features that were cut from the final versions of each issue that zine. Each issue is 8-12 pages long and contains a single feature.


  1. Caring for Yourself & Your Home (Spring 2010): Shows you how to maintain your healthy lifestyle, the Indian way. (A5 booklet, 8 pages)
  2. Boycrazyboy (Spring 2010): A furtive peek inside the sketchbooks of illustrator/comics maven Sina Shamsavari. (5 booklet, 8 pages)
  3. Back to the Woods (Spring 2010): Returns with Nick Linsdell to the scene of the secret shenanigans in Hampstead Heath that were featured in Pink Mince 3: "Alter Egos & Secret Identities". (A5 booklet, 8 pages)
  4. Johnny, are you queer? (Spring 2010): A brief meditation on the steamy dynamics churning beneath the surface of The Wild One, one of the most deliciously homoerotic epics of all time, intentionally or not. (A5 booklet, 12 pages, printed in 2 colours.)

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