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Pigguts Issue Three
Pigguts Issue Six

Pigguts started in a hot and sunny summer of 2004 when Robert Roura was starting his long comic called “Bad day”, in the same moment, Pere Saguer also made some short comics which have some similar purposes: death, blood and knives. All got mixed in a group of A4 folded papers print in black and white, the mixture was called Pigguts.

After that, some other artist have been collaborating in some numbers: Quim Bou or Miquel Casals for example.

Pigguts 1
Bad day
Pigguts 2
Pigguts 3
I like blood, I like pain
Pigguts 4
Animal Issue
Pigguts 5
Will you head hold on today?
Pigguts 6
Exclusive for mature readers
Pigguts Collection
Hot violent stories

The zine stopped publishing on his “Pigguts collection” but there is nothing written about his death so, maybe one day we can find Pigguts again in our lives. You can fins some Pigguts in the Fanzinoteca Ambulant distro.

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