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[[Category:1990's publications]]
[[Category:1990's publications]]
[[Category:Literary Zines]]
[[Category:Literary Zines]]
[[Category:Horror Zines]]

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Picatrix is a literary fantasy horror zine by Chico Kidd.

Only one issue of Picatrix was published in 1992 in Middlesex, UK.

The cover was by A.F. Kidd.

Contributors of writing included Michael Chislett, Dora Doyle, J.A. Hall, John Howard, Roger Johnson, Rick Kennett, D.F. Lewis, Alan M. Marshall, Lyn McConchie, Edward Rand, Lawrence Richard, Adrian Robertson, and David G. Rowlands.

Also included was the short story "The Violin" by James Parkhill-Rathbone, editor of Macabre, Scotland's first fanzine, published in 1939.

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