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Phantastes is a portuguese zine edited by Telmo Pinto and Tiago Gama of "non-limited fantastic fiction and science fiction". Written entirely in portuguese, it focuses on publishing fiction originally written in Portuguese (from Portugal or other Portuguese-speaking countries) along with fiction from other countries (preferentially non-anglophonous countries). So far, two issues have been published.

Phantastes #1 (Winter 2005)

The first issue of Phantastes, with only twelve pages, whose «Púlpito» (in English: «Pulpit»; a section reserved for small biographies of people who contributed to the fantastic or to science fiction) was occupied by Fritz Leiber; another section, Ângulos, dedicated to cinema, was inaugurated by Manuel Freire's opinion of Spielberg's "The War of the Worlds".



  • "Algum dia teria de ser o último", Telmo Marçal
  • "O Legado de Deus", Tiago Gama
  • "Pão com Manteiga", Telmo Pinto
  • "Citações", João Ventura
  • "Cápsula Temporal", João Ventura
  • "Nematomumas" (in Portuguese: "Invisibilidade"), Gediminas Kulikauskas


  • Crítica: "A Guerra dos Mundos", Manuel Freire


  • "Fritz Leiber", Tiago Gama