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Pere Saguer is a Illustrator and zinester, living in Girona.

In 2002 he published his first comic zine with Francesc Codina in his last year at school, called "Spooky Adventures". On 2004 he began a new zine with Robert Roura called Pigguts and at the same time he started Entremettrum. In 2004 he founded, with Robert Roura, the Bad Weather press, we he still pubishes his personal work. In 2005 he made a perzine called Int639 about a bad experience he had in London. In 2006-2007 Entremettrum died. At this point the publishing work became focused in artworks and photographs about geography and "terrestrial memory", using archiving techniques (photography, traditional folk, recording, sound archiving, etc) to leave at the future generations other ways to see our surroundings. At the same time he started a short film as "helper" under the direction of Robert Roura. During these years, diferent exhibitions and new zines have seen the light.


The unsolved crime of Moixina
Photozine, April 2010
Cover by Pere Saguer


  • Arreplegator
  • Fanzine Navideño
  • Revista Benna
  • Lazer Art Zine, France
  • Fanzine Pez, Granada
  • 10/01 zine, Italy
  • 4 rius de tinta, Girona
  • Duplicata, Berlin

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