Peace & Quiet

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Peace & Quiet (1997-?) was an Australian music zine edited by uy Blackman

Contact: PO BOX 4292, Melbourne University, Parkville, Vic. 3052, AUSTRALIA


  • No. 1: Includes interviews with Gonzo of Crawlspace Records, Mathew Bannister formerly in Sneaky Feelings and now in Dribbling Darts (of love), The Frustrations, Julian Williams from 'From the Same Mother', Furtip, Turnpike, the editor of Beer Frame, an article on Nunfest (Flying Nun's 15th birthday celebration), a "1,678 word story about Pamela Valfer, Kittycraft, why no-one buys indie cassettes, and what happens when you throw water in the air in winter in Minnesota", as well as zine and record reviews and record reviews. 80pg 1/2A4 $4