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Some Payscaments published in 2016

Payscament is an artzine exploring the medical dimension of landscapes, a conceptual art project conceived by French artist Melayne Seitoung.

Each issue is made of printed material (photography, drawing, text) and a bovine pill filled with real fragments of the studied landscapes. Landscapes are sampled by Seitoung, dehydrated, crushed in a mortar and encapsulated. Due to its nature, edition is limited to 6-20 copies per issue.

Published issues :
- 2016ISL8721 (Geysir, Iceland), 18 copies
- 2016GUY5.2876 (Îles du Salut, French Guyana), 12 copies
- 2017FR44.799 (Frugès-Le Corbusier, France), 12 copies
- 2017FR49.927 (Dieppe, France), 12 copies
- 2017FR49.454 (Le Havre, France), 10 copies

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