Paper Scissors Clocks

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Paper Scissors Clocks was a zine created by Erik Farseth.

This art zine was published from 1996 - 2002, and was printed on newsprint. It was published annually (with an average length of 136 pages), and was illustrated with collage art and woodcuts.

Erik Farseth was also an editor of Free Association and J. Cruelty Catalog, among other publications. His work has appeared in a variety of zines.

Issue 1 of Paper, Scissors, Clocks featured satirical fashion tips ("The Mysterious Allure of the Walrus Moustache"); a History of Piracy; a Pirate Word Find; an interview with The Make Up; a short History of Breakdancing; the Saga of the U.S. Camel Corps; book reviews; and a travel diary.

Issue 2 featured an interview with the Mountain Goats; "Behind the Zines" (a series of interviews with other zine editors); short articles about animals, Frankie Yankovic (the Polka King), and Greek crooner Demis Roussos; book reviews; and a European travelogue.

Issue 3 had interviews with Red Monkey and Bratmobile; a British travel diary; a pair of articles about Community Supported Agriculture; and an article about the ecology of the hedgehog.