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==External Link==
==External Link==
*[ paper-xerox-staples]
*[ paper-xerox-staples]
[[Category: Distro]] [[Category:Active Distros]]
[[Category: Distro]] [[Category:Active Distros]]

Current revision

paper-xerox-staples is a distro and press that specializes in the personal zines over the political, the messy over the tidy, believing that the current state of zines generally emphasizes craft over content, pushing the form into its own baroque period and away from its spontaneous origins.

Maximum Rock and Roll called their zine Fake Life, a collaborative effort, "...sloppy and trashy...but pretty good." which pretty much sums them up. They aren't opposed to craft, refinement or effort. They looking to strike a balance between what zines have been and what they have become.

paper-xerox-staples was originally called "three a.m. kitchen press" and was founded around 1991 in Tallahassee, Florida by Chris Archer, Mike Baker and Elizabeth West. They currently publish Fake Life, dorothea, Laz-E-Boys and The Pugilist. They distro a wide and always changing catalog of zines.

External Link

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