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Pandora was a small press publication devoted to fantasy and science fiction published by Jean Lorrah and Lois Wickstrom.

Pandora was published in the 1980s.

Contributors of writing included Barb Armata, Paul Dellinger, Terry D. England, Brad W. Foster, Robert Frazier (Star*Line), Jan Sherrell Gephardt, Susan Holtzer, Stephanie Hoppe, Jean Kilczer, Brad Linaweaver, Patricia Matthews, Theresa McGarry, A. McA. Miller, Resa Nelson, Peter Payack, Richard J. Reed, Ralph Roberts, Eileen Rosen, Daryl Scroggins, Deborah Sears, Warren Sitka, Burn Thompson, Diane Webber, Eileen Rosen, and Steve Rasnic Tem.