Pacificon Combozine

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Pacificon Combozine was a science fiction fanzine issued for the Pacificon Convention in July 1946.

Pacificon was the 4th Worldcon which was held July 4 to the 7th, 1946. Pacificon Combozine, Fourth World Science-Fiction Convention, was created specially for the occasion and comprised 22 Zines: Atomic Age, Atres Artes, Black Flames, by Jim E. Daugherty; Chanticleer, by Walt Liebscher; En Garde, Fan; Fanews; Five Fingers; Guteto by Myrtle Douglas (Morojo); Ichor, by Dale Hart; Lethe, by Jack Riggs; Le Zombie, by Wilson 'Bob' Tucker; Martian News Letter; Matters of Opinion, Phanteur; Plenum; Psycho; Shangri L'Affaires, published by LASFS; Time-Binder, by E. Everett Evans; 2B or Not 2B; VOMbozine; Wolf Fan, and others.

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