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Owlflight was a science fiction, fantasy, and horror fanzine edited by Millea Kenin and published by Unique Graphics.

Released in the 1980s in Oakland, California, U.S.A., five issues of Owlflight were published, featuring fiction and poetry, as well as editorials, reviews, comics, and art work.

The first issue appeared in 1981, and featured fiction by Janet Fox (Scavenger's Newsletter), Sharon Lee, Ardath Mayhar, Steve Miller, Gene O'Meill, Jessica Amanda Salmonson (Fantasy Macabre), David L. Travis, and Lois Wickstrom. Poetry was by Joey Froehlich, Scott E. Green, and Morgan Griffith. Artists featured included Frank Albanese, Lisa Free, Randy Moore, Melody Rondeau, and Michael Roden, with a collage story.

Issue two, in 1981, included fiction by Bruce Boston, C. Bruce Hunter, Sharon Lee, Jean Lorrah, Gene O'Neill, David Prill, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, David B. Silva, and Steve Rasnic Tem. Poetry was by Michael R. Collings, S.R. Compton, Keith Allen Daniels, Robert Frazier, Scott E. Green, Randall Larson, D.M. Vosk, Thomas Wiloch, and Billy Wolfenbarger. Art work was by Lisa Free, Melody Rondeau, Kiel Stuart, Hans-Peter Werner, Thomas Wiloch, and Eddie Willie..

Other writers featured include Mathais B. Freese.

Issue four included fiction by Paul Bond, G.E. Coggshall, Andrew Darlington (Ludd's Mill), Janet Gluckman, Jonathan Raz, and Fiona Blackstone Zimmer. Poetry was by Robert Frazier, Joey Froehlich, Scott E. Green, Ruth Lechlitner, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Dean Allen Schreck, and Leliah Wendell. Art work was by Sue Fisher, Peter Laird, Randy Moore, Miron Murcury, and Hans-Peter Werner.