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First issue

Ont Road fanzine is published by Luke B out of Leeds, England. The zine is described as a DIY Punk & Travel Zine

The zine comes in an A5 format, features 40 pages, and has around 20,000 words per issue. There are currently two issues of Ont Road in circulation, #11 and #12. The reason that the zine started from number 11 is that Luke B was previously producing Waterintobeer fanzine that ran for 10 issues. Ont Road features stories from Luke B's personal travels around the world, and also tour reports from his life as a roadie. There are also a plethora of other articles ranging from getting in trouble with the police, non-league football, record, gig, and fanzine reviews. The zine is printed at Footprinters Workers Co-op, and has a print run of 500 copies per issue.