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Oblique was a science fiction fanzine by Cliff Gould.

Eight issues of Oblique were published between 1955 and 1956.

Contributors included Mal Ashworth, John Berry, Redd Boggs (Sky Hook), Gregg Calkins, Terry Carr (Innuendo), Richard Geis, Lee Hoffman (Quandry), Rich "Alex" Kirs, Vernon L. McCain (Wastebasket), Boyd Raeburn (A Bas, Queebshots), Charles Lee Riddle (Peon), Larry Stark and Bob Tucker (Le Zombie).

A notable contribution was the first publishing of the Philip K. Dick essay "Pessimism in Science Fiction", published in issue 6, December 1955.

Greg Benford, in a letter to File 770, writes, ",,,in the mid-1950s one of the major fmz (fan magazines) was, in my opinion, Cliff Gould's Oblique...it was a legendary hot , focal point fmz...for maybe 8 years, then gone".

Editor Cliff Gould also contributed to fanzines such as PLOY.