Now Read On

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Now Read On
Cover by D. West

Now Read On is a science fiction anthology edited by Rob Hansen.

Now Read On is a collection of writings and art work taken from fanzines. It was printed in 1987 and is 98 pages.

It is a "Conspiracy Publication", with reprinted articles by D. West (Introduction), Kevin Smith ("Birdland"), Lilian Edwards and Christina Lake ("A Tale of Two Panels"), Linda Pickersgill ("How Women Get Pregnant"), Greg Pickersgill ("B24 Liberator"), Roz Kaveny ("Splendors & Miseries"), Abi Frost ("A Mitcham Mint"), Anne Hamill ("Lunch at the Savoy"), Bob Shaw ("When Fandoms Collide"), and Owen Whiteoak.

The cover art is by D. West.

Rob Hansen was also co-editor, with Vince Clarke, Avedon Carol, John Harvey and Pam Wells, of Pulp from 1986 to 1991. As well, co-edited Chuch with Avedon Carol.