Now I Devour You

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Now I Devour You was a zine by Joshua Plague.

Another in the series of "Now I..." zines created by Joshua, the zine came out in the 1990's. The zine is created in collage-style with images and text combined.

Now I Devour You was featured in the sixth issue of Outpunk, a compilation of excerpts from zines the editor deemed interesting. The pages reproduced are Joshua's "List of Depravity", which outlines the "Top Ten Reasons Why You Must be Spanked!" The reasons, in cut n paste style, appear over top of a photo of a man who, sitting with a naked man bent over his knee, is about to begin spanking his behind. Reason 10 is that "You are complaining about my 'zine". Reason 5 is "Now, I spank you! Therefore, I spank you now!", a play on the title of the "Now I.. " series, which Joshua continued to produce after this zine.