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Novae Terrae is a science fiction fanzine published by the members of the Nuneaton, England Chapter (Chapter 22) of the Science Fiction League as their official publication.

Novae Terrae was edited by Maurice Hanson and Dennis Jacques. Maurice T. Crowley joined the editing team a but later. It is credited as being the first UK science fiction fanzine. The first issue was released in March 1936. It was ten pages but began to grow quickly, and by issue nine had more than doubled in size.

After this issue the first SF convention takes place in Leeds at Theosphical Hall, which results in Novae Terrae becoming the official organ of the newly formed Science Fiction Association.

Novae Terrae ran for 29 issues before Maurice Hanson handed editorship over to John Carnell, who retitled it New Worlds and reverted to Vol. 1 No. 1 with the March 1939 issue.

Writing was contributed by Forrest J. Ackerman, Frank Edward Armold, J.E. Barnes, Jpohn F. Burke {(Satellite), E.J. "Ted" Carnell, Arthur C. Clarke, M.T. Crowley, A,J, Dennis, Walter H. Gillings, H. Gottliffe, Albert Griffiths, L.J. Johnson, Douglas W.F. Mayer, David McIlwain (Satellite), Eric Needham, D.R. Smith, Jacl Speer, Bill Temple, Eric C. Williams, Donald Wollheim, C. S Youd (The Fantast)

Art work was contributed by Malcolm Plant and later, by Frank Dobby and Harry Turner (Zenith).

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