Not One Of Us

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Not One Of Us was a small press publication edited by John M. Benson.

Not One Of Us was released between 1986 and 2008, with 40 issues published in that time. It was a literary zine devoted to horror and fantasy, and publishing both fiction and poetry.

Contributors of fiction included Steve Antczak, Chris Bell, Terry Black, Tony Cobb, Dan Crawford, J. Spencer Dreischarf, Tom Elliot, Andrew Hook, Chris Kenworthy, Charles Richard Laing, D.R. McBride, Richard F. McGonegal, James Miller, Ray Nickford, Kim Padgett-Clarke, Jack Pavey, Todd Powell, Mark Rich (Treaders of Starlight), William Rose, Barbara Rosen, Heather G. Wells, and t. Winter-Damon.

Contributors of poetry included Carl Buchanan, Bob Cook, Keith Allen Daniels, Wayne Edwards, John Grey, Ronald Edward Kittell, Judy Klass, David C. Kopaska-Merkel (Star*Line), Lisa Lepovetsky, Marilyn K. Martin, Brian Maycock, Mark McLaughlin, Jamie Meyers, Errol Miller, Cindy Moser, Jacie Ragan, Jessica Amanda Salmonson (Fantasy Macabre), David Smith, Margo Solod, W. Gregory Stewart, Kiel Stuart, Brandon W. Totman, and Mary Winters.

Contributions of cover artwork came from Ray Basham (#7), John Borkowsko (#6, #8, #11, #12, #13), Alan Casey (#14, #17), Kevin Duncan (#9), David Grilla (#15), Ron Leming (#10), Gary McClusky (#16), Augie Wiedemann (#18, #19, #20).

John M. Benson was also one of the editors of Doppelganger.