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Nosedive is a zine published by Icky Apparatus.

In 1996, it appeared as a split zine with Sty Zine, edited by icki. In 1997, it was featured in Volume Two of Zine Yearbook. Icky was presented with the the award for "Best Radical Historian" by The Williamette Weekly for issue seven, a double issue which captured Portland's radical past; anarchist lumberjacks, the IWW, the Cannery Strikes, Portland Black Panther Party, , bike radicals, Dr. Marie Equi and local paper The Firebrand, which existed from 1895 to 1897, are just part of the extensively researched collection to be found in this issue of Nosedive.

Nosedive, and the wood block art work of Icky Apparatus was featured in the exhibition The Copyist Conspiracy: An Exhibition of Zine Art, along with several other well known zinesters, held in San Francisco in November of 2005.

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