Noemi Martinez

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Noemi Martinez

Noemi Martinez is a zinester, zine editor, writer, poet and indie press publisher who lives in Weslaco, Texas. She has been involved in alternative forms of media since the late 90s. She is also a single mom and human trafficking outreach coordinator for a legal aid office. Her zines address issues of racism from a Chicana/Puerto Rican perspective. In 2014 she started a small indie press with roots in DIY that focuses on the work of women and people of color.

She is also the creator of the POC_Zinesters community at Livejournal. She was the owner of C/S Distro, which stocked and distributed zines by women and people of color.




Featured Zinester

Zine Collection

In 2015, a collection of Hermana, Resist zines will be published by the small press Sweet Candy Press.

Zines in the Community

In 2014, Martinez was selected as the curator for the Fly Away Zine Mobile.

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