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Noctulpa was a literary horror fanzine edited by George Hatch and published by Horror's Head Press.

Noctulpa, subtitled, "Journal of Horror", was published in New York, U.S.A., The first issue appeared in 1987, and six issues followed as it was published into the 1990s.

Art work was by Alan M. Baker, and John Borkowski.

Contributors included David Barker, Donald F. Blanford, Cliff Burns, Randy Chandler, Paul Curtis, Kenneth P. Czech, J.E. Dressier, Janet Fox (Scavenger's Newsletter), C.S. Fugua, K.J. Harmon, Don Hornbostel, Gerard Houarner, Stefan Jackson, Ronald Kelly, Miroslaw Lipinski, H. Andrew Lynch, John Moore, Mike Olsen, Jeffrey Osier, Norman Partridge, Rpbert Petitt, Mark Rainey (Deathrealm), Mike Reckard, Russell Poberts, John Schoffen, Dean Allen Schreck, Ann K. Schwader, David B. Silva, James Snyder, Dale L. Sproule, David Starkey, D.W. Taylor, Steve Rasnic Tem, Scott Urban, Bobby G. Warner, T.R. White, Wayne Rile Williams, Chet Williamson, and t. Winter-Damon.

Poetry was contributed by Brenda Curtis, Keith Allen Daniels, John Grey, John DeVere Nelson, Kim L. Niedigh, Jacie Ragan, J.P. Reedman, Jessica Amanda Salmonson (Fantasy Macabre), Marge Simon (Star*Line), and Ree Young.