No Cause For Concern?

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No Cause For Concern? is a punk zine published in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, in the 1980s. It now exists online.

The first issue of No Cause For Concern? appeared in April of 1982. Nine print issues were released, the last one published in June of 1984. The editors for the first two issues were Janine Frenken, Dave Champion and David McCaig. Issues three to nine were published by Janine Frenken and Vig Déliberté. The zine covered the punk and hardcore scene in Ottawa, Ontario, with reviews from Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto as well as New York City and Washington DC.


  • Issue One: Editorial page; featured bands are Target 21, Fear, Wasted Youth; also including reviews, article on slam dancing, a comic and the Top Ten list.
  • Issue Two: Editorial page; featured bands are Teenage Head, Skrewdriver; also including an article on club night Easter Beaver, reviews, and news about the editor's cat, Bella, who had kittens.
  • Issue Three: Editorial page; interview with T.S.O.L.; featured bands are Black Flag, Attention Span, Target 21, The Bopcats, The Young Lions; also including Ottawa scene report and reviews of shows and recordings.
  • Issue Four: Editorial page; featured bands are M.D.C., Black Flag, Saccharine Trust. S.C.U.M., Allergic; reviews, comic, local radio, Ottawa scene report, New Yorl City scene report.
  • Issue Five; Editorial page; interview with Civil Terror; featured bands are Chron Gen, Youth Youth Youth, Raw Sewage, The Tuinols; reviews, Ottawa scene report, Montreal scene report, Vancouver scene report.