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[[Image:Nightly zine.JPG|right]]
[[Image:Nightly zine.JPG|frame|Nightly Zine. The House Warming Issue]]
'''Nightly Zine''' is a half-size [[DIY]]/[[perzine]] by [[Rupa Nolan]].  
'''Nightly Zine''' is a half-size [[DIY]]/[[perzine]] by [[Rupa Nolan]].  

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Nightly Zine. The House Warming Issue

Nightly Zine is a half-size DIY/perzine by Rupa Nolan.

The zine consists of fiction, humourous how-to tips along with brief essays and observations. Released by the independent publishing house Glass Jar Publications in the winter of 2007, it will continue as a quarterly publication. The first issue, 'The House Warming Issue' is printed in black and white and finished in leather and ribbon. Appealing to anyone who has lived in an house or an apartment, or who knows someone who has. Finding an audience of social mis-fits, drunk house-wives and kareoke addicts, the zine offers potentially impractical how-to advice, as well as art, general scribblings and observations from dark and personal places.

Nightly zine began in South Korea, created by a British born editor, Rupa Nolan. It reflects feelings of displacement, confusion, loneliness and happiness. Born out of Journal Anon, an online anonymous art project, Nightly Zine is a credited hard copy of concept over practicality. The next planned issue is based on the experiences of teaching English as a foreign language to children or as it is termed in the trade as 'I wish that they will stop touching me and that everyone will get through the next 50 minutes uninjured'. Submissions to Nightly Zine are welcomed.

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