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Neology is a science fiction fanzine by Catherine Donahue Girczyc.

Neology was a quarterly club zine published in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on behalf of the Edmonton SF and Comic Arts Society.

The first issue appeared in 1976 as a four page dittoed bulletin. As it grew, the editors switched to mimeograph, with around 74 issues being released up until 1992. Over this period of time, the fanzine has had many editors, including Robert Runte, David Vereschagin, Diane Walton-LeBlanc, Michael Hall, Lorna Toolis, Georges Giguere, Ian McKeer, John Wellington, Kathleen Moore-Freeman, Thomas Phinney, Adam Charlesworth, and Catherine Girczyc.

Neology won the Aurora Award for Best Fanzine in 1991.

Catherine Girczyc has won two Aurora Awards, receiving her second Award for her work as host of the radio show The Ether Patrol. She also writes short ficiton, poetry and screenplays, and has written episodes for the television shows Cybersix and Sci-Squad Cadet.