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Neil Edgar is a zinester who is currently incarcerated in the California prison system.

Neil is a bisexual pagan punk and the creator of two zines. Wiener Society is his first zine, which, in past issues, has included articles about music and interviews with bands. More recently, the focus has evolved to concentrate on his life; the life which lead to him being locked up, his attempts to turn his life around, and the events happening within the prison walls that he faces everyday. In his latest issue he writes about surviving an attempt on his life when his throat was cut. Eight issues have been published to date.

Obscene Emission is Neil's zine about various types of music including hardcore, thrash, grindcore, black metal and death metal and includes interviews, reviews, scene reports and observations. His zines are available through Fanorama Society distro, which he helped co-create.

Neil has written for a number of publications including Maximum Rock N Roll and Fanorama. His writing has also been published in the book That's Revolting, published by Soft Skull Press. He is also a musician.

Since producing his zines, Neil has become a born again Christian and has identified himself as "straight".




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