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Issue one

Necronomicon is a horror film fanzine by Necro Neil published in Yorkshire, in the UK.

The first issue was released in May 2001. It is a black and white, A5, cut and paste, stapled publication. As of 2011, 18 issues have been published.

Necronomicon has been described by it's author as " A love letter to the horror genre" and is known for it's personal diary style.

The first issue explained the horror films Neil was brought up on and in the following issues went on to the challenge of commenting on every horror film he watched in the ten years it has been published.

It started off in a tight format of features about favourite films, directors and actors (such as Evil Dead, An American Werewolf In London, Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson, Bruce Campbell) with reviews of dusty VHS rentals from his local video store until its closure. It developed into a much looser and personal style over ten issues but kept the nostalgic and geeky sense of humour. It now focuses on newly discovered horror films, mainly inspired by his parents video rental review book from the early 1980's.

The editor has been the sole writer and composer of the fanzine for over ten years with rare contributions from readers. It is noted for debuting whilst VHS was still popular and has recorded the arrival of DVD, as well as online movie streaming.

It publishes on average two to three times a year and is sold through Yorkshire comic retailers, fanzine fayres, film festivals and all issues are available through Etsy year round.


Issue 1 Published May 2001

Issue 2 Published November 2001

Issue 3 Published 2002

Issue 4 Published July 2002

Issue 5 Published November 2002

Issue 6 Published May 2003

Issue 7 Published 2004

Issue 8 Published August 2004

Issue 9 Published February 2006

Issue 10 Published October 2007

Issue 11 Published August 2008

Issue 12 Published July 2009

Issue 13 Published November 2009

Issue 14 Published March 2010

Issue 15 Published July 2010

Issue 16 Published October 2010

Issue 17 Published February 2011

Issue 18 Published June 2011

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