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Nolazine is a science fiction fanzine published by the New Orleans Science Fiction Association in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Nolazine was first published in 1967 by Bill Bruce, John Guidry, Don Markstein, and Rick Norwood. In it's long history, there have been many other editors including Patrick Adkins, and Jeff Jones.

Contributors of fiction have included Pat Adkins, Dany Frolich, Jack Gaughan, Joan Harrington, Paul Hollander, Dick Igel, and Rick Norwood.

Contributors of articles have included Poul Anderson, Guy Lillian III (Challenger), Donald Markstein, Rick Norwood, and Don Walsh, Jr. on Louisiana fan history, with an article on Jan (Sandler) Penney and her 1950s fanzine SLANder.

Contributions of art work came from Dany Frolich, Jack Gaughan, Jeff Jones, and Stan Taylor.

Letters came from Poul Anderson, Robert Bloch, Ned Brooks It Goes On The Shelf), L. Sprague de Camp, Lynn Hickman (TMLA), R.A. Lafferty, Lisa Tuttle (Mathom), Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons, and Justin Winston.

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