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Mythologies was a science fiction, fantasy and weird fiction fanzine by Don D'Ammassa.

Mythologies began in 1974 as a dittoed fanzine. By the fourth issue it was being produced by mimeographed. The last issue #19, was published in 1986.

Contributors of writing included Sue Anderson, Jennifer Bankier, Mike Blake, Michael Carlson, Avedon Carol (Chuch), Tom Collins, John Curlovich, Tony Dalmyn, Bonnie Dalzell, Chris Eblis, Adrienne Fein, Arthur D. Hlavaty, George Fergus, George Flynn, Jim Goldfrank, Nancy Hussar, Mark M. Keller, John F. Kusske, Sam Long, Patrick L. McGuire, Jerry Pournelle, Evelyn Rogers, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Judith E. Schrier, Victoria Vayne (Simulacrum), and Jim Young.

Featured each issue was a column by Paul Di Filippo called "Arrant Nonsense".

Poetry was contributed by Michael Bishop, Lee Carson, Bonnie Dalzell,

Contributors of artwork included Beth Cohen, Bonnie Dalzell, and David Macaulay.

Mythologies #14 of June 1978 won the 1979 FAAn Award for Best Single Issue of a fanzine