Mumblings from Munchkinland

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Mumblings from Munchkinland is a science fiction fanzine by Chris Nelson.

Chris Nelson started the fanzine in 1989 as a way of staying in touch with friends while Chris was away from home. It has been published in various locations, starting with Pakistan, but Chris is originally from Australia. It has also been published from Fiji, New Delhi, Samoa and Tasmania. 30 issues have been released so far.

Every other issue features a paordy cover of an old science fiction pulp magazine or prozine.

Mumblings from Munchkinland has featured interviews with Australian fanzine pioneers Bert Castellari (Zeus), Graham Stone, and William Veney, all of whom published some of the earliest fanzines coming from Sydney. Mumblings from Munchkinland also included a special feature in issue 28 on Roma Castellari, the first female member of organized fandom in Australia, who began working on fanzines with her contributions to Zeus. Chris has also featured articles on Rosemary Simmons, Nora Hemming, Laura Molesworth and Norma Williams and the first Australian woman-run fanzine Vertical Horizons, and other highlights of Australian fandom.

Contributions of artwork have come from Brad Foster, and others.

Contributions of writing have come from Roger Dard,

Letters came from Kim Huett, Lloyd Penney (Torus), Harry Pol, Donald H. Tuck (Profan), and Bill Veney, among others.

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