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Morgenmuffel is an autobiographical zine consisting mainly of cartoons written and drawn by Isy. Tales told range from walking over hills to charging through lines of riot police, volunteering in an anarchist social centre to dealing with co-operative living.

Morgenmuffel also used to be a small zine distro but this side of things has folded, due to lots of lunching it out, unfortunately.


Morgenmuffel issues 1 (which was in German) to 14 are not easily available directly through Morgenmuffel, though other distros may still have copies here or there.

Active Distribution printed a collection/'best of' from issues nos. 2-11, which is currently out of print but may be reprinted in future.

The latest issue is No. 15, from October 2006. Stories include travels through Eastern Europe, to a Women's Gathering in Spain and the Climate Camp up North last summer. Cost: 60p plus stamp in the UK, 2 euros from mainland Europe or 3 US dollars from overseas.

Other Publications

A zine about women's self defence - issue No. 1 has been printed in December 2006. This zine is a collaboration between Isy and two other women involved in teaching women's self defence and has articles, rants and personal stories of sucessful self defence. Cost: £1.50 incl. postage in the UK


PO Box 74, Brighton BN1 4ZQ, UK

External Links

The Cowley Club Brighton anarchist social centre that also has a good bookshop stocking zines.

Active Distribution London based distro that stocks Morgenmuffel along with a huge selection of books, pamphlets, zines, music and more.

Last Hours fanzine London based quarterly zine that "seeks to explore and promote punk, hardcore and DIY music, and the politics and culture that lies behind them". Isy contributes to this zine.,