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MoTHER (has words...) is a Perth, Australia zine.

This zine has open submissions but also showcases each of the following per issue: a poet, either emerging or established, but more often emerging: a visual artist: an urban artist or street artist, mostly emerging: a songwriter, composer, or band.

MoTHER [has words...] has currently released three issues:

1: something queer this way cums

2: my clockwork cunning lingus // the future of the feminine

3: quantum errr, huh, what sorry // the science of being human

Issue four of MoTHER [has words...] is currently in production and features Tomas Ford, Allan Boyd the Antipoet, Troll and Andrew Nicholls. The theme deals with masculinity and mateship.

External Link

MoTHER [has words...]. can be found here.

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