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Mike was born in May of 1967 in Montreal, Quebec. He was exposed to comics at age 5 and has never looked back.

He joined [Comicopia] as a founding member in September 1990, became part of the DM team a year later and soon took over the collating, binding, treasury, and editorial until assuming the mantle of DM. Along the way, he brought a web presence (along with International members), an ISSN number, Convention appearances and panels, and a healthy evolution.

In 1997 he was asked to join [Scarlet Rose Productions] as Line Editor and sold a number of stories (not yet released).

In 2005 he was asked to be on the Nominating Panel of Judges for the inaugural year of [The Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Book Awards]. In 2006 he was the only Nominating Member to be asked back and officially made the Nominating Committee Coordinator.


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