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Metanoia was a science fiction fanzine by Greg Shaw.

Metanoia was published in Fairfax, California, U.S.A.

Metanoia was released in the 1970s. Arnie Katz, in his article "What Are The Greatest Fanzine?", in Vegas Fandom Weekly #99, from July 2007, writes, "Greg Shaw inspired a vogue for small, personal fanzine in the mid-1970s with this zine, which remained tops in the boomlet it created. Greg combined personal experience, fannishness and an intense interest in popular music into a wonderful editorial package."

Greg Shaw had previously published Feemwlort, and Entmoot, a fanzine devoted to Tolkien and his books, both titles released in the mid 1960s. He went on to publish music fanzines such as Mojo-Navigator Rock & Roll News and, Bomp!.