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Meridian' was a one-shot zine by Judy, published in Worcestor, Ma., U.S.A. December 1995.

Meridian was a cut and paste publication that covered music by women, including show reviews, a festival review, photos of performers such as Bikini Kill, Lois, Tribe 8, Fifth Column, The Slits, Tattle Tale, The Lunachicks, and Patti Smith, as well as zine reviews, book reviews and contact addresses. Also included are a variety of poems by a number of authors, including the editor. There are several articles on surviving abuse, including one about The Worcester County Clothesline Project. As well, there is a page devoted to musician Sarah Woolf. The zine is illustrated throughout with found art and work created for the zine.

Judy also published the zines Resist Psychic Death, Structure, Ginger's Hut and Top?