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Issue 95 October 2007
Cover art by Nicolas Plamondon

MensuHell was a comics fanzine edited and published by Francis Hervieux.

MensuHell was published in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was first released in 1995. It had originally been titled Requin Roll Presente but the name was changed to Mensuhell in 2000, after which it was published monthly until 2008. 106 issues appeared in total.

MensuHell featured serialized comics, historical articles, short stories, and stand-alone cartoons. and included work by everyone from never before published writers and artists to established professionals and writers about comics.

Art work included covers by Kurt Beaulieu, Jacgues Boivin, Victor Brideau, Karl Dupéré-Richer, Richard Gagnon, Luc Glard, Jocelyn Houde, Noée Joanisse, Benoit Joly, Félix Laflamme, Valerie Morency, Patrofskynoff, Nicolas Plamondon, 'El Quesnel, Louis Remillard, Jack Ruttan, among others.

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