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Melanie Coles is a zinester located in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Since 2002 Melanie has self published seven zines including The Brains Never Stop, With Love From Me to You! A Zine About Mail Art and a series of zines under the pen name Peggy Marshall.

With Love From Me to You! A Zine About Mail Art, released in 2007, was a full colour mini zine dedicated to the art of the post. 500 copies were made and it is now out of print. Copies can be found in The Vancouver Public Library, The Toronto Zine Library and The Cleveland Public Library. It was featured in Broken Pencil Issue 30 As well as the Drama Issue 8 and was distributed by Microcosm Publishing and Parcell Press.

Under the pen name Peggy Marshall, Melanie is creating a series of three zines Bat Brew & Mystic Pizza, Bad Disco & Space Odyssey and Ice Cream & Ancient Ruins. This series is influenced by the high contrast sloppy b&w cut and paste aesthetic of old punk fanzines and issues are limited to a run of 100 each. Bat Brew & Mystic Pizza was printed in January 2010 and is featured at The Art of Zines exhibit at Anno Domini in San Jose California.