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[[Category:Poetry & Art Zines]]
[[Category:Poetry & Art Zines]]
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A set of 4 poetry & art zines with editors/authors: Ravenheart - Claire Leiper & Yan Tree.

Issue one; started in late 1980's featuring Raven & Yan's poetry & artwork.

Issue two; (editors Ravenheart and Yan) featured contributors from around the world...again mainly featuring artwork & poetry.

Issue three; (edited by Yan) again featured more contributors.

Issue four; (edited by Yan & Claire Leiper) was the most punkest of the Lost Dreams zines...again contributors from around the world. Completed in 1999.

The name Lost Dreams comes from a lyric in a song by anarcho punk band The Mob. First 3 zines were printed at Bobprint; in Blackburn Lancashire...by Bob (!), on recycled paper....and using coloured ink. Ravenheart also co-edited 'Peace of Mind' zine with John Womble. The 4th one was a cut 'n paste zine printed by Andy of Bald Cactus zine from Leeds.

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